The investing world is a widely misunderstood one. That makes it harder for beginner investors to navigate it, making them more confused at the end of the day. Here are some stock market myths that I’ve come across over the years that I’d like to debunk.  Source: Michael Covel | Pinterest TL;DR: Debunking the Stock Market Myths Here are the common investing myths that we will cover: Myth #1: Investing is risky Myth #2: Investing is only for the rich Myth #3: You need to be smart to invest Myth #4: There’s always a reason for stock market moves Myth #5: You can sell when the markets go down and buy when the markets go up Myth #6: A $1 stock is cheaper than a $2 stock Myth #7: A stock with a P/E of 10x is cheaper than a 50x P/E stock Myth #8: