You should have heard the news by now that CapitaLand is going to spin-off its investment arm while privatising the development arm.

I just wanted to give you more details and share some of my views about this corporate action.

A brief background on CapitaLand

Singaporeans should be very familiar with CapitaLand as it is the largest property company in Singapore. Everywhere we go we would see its presence – be it CapitaLand Malls, Office or Ascott Residences.

We should also be proud that a tiny Singapore is able to produce one of the largest real estate investment managers in the world – CapitaLand is Asia’s largest and 12th in the world.

So any news like a spin off is a national event (and all the CapitaLand related REITs were halted for trading). Of course, the shareholders of CapitaLand would care more about it than the non-shareholders.

Maybe some of you do not know