Basic Profile & Key Statistics

SPH REIT invests in retail properties in Singapore and Australia and currently owns 5 properties. Its flagship property – Paragon has healthcare exposure which leases to medical clinics.

Performance Review

Gross revenue and NPI increased YoY by 4.9% and 1.3% respectively while distributable income decreased by 1.5% YoY. DPU increased YoY by 45.2% due to partial retention released in 1H FY21 and retained distribution in FY20. From the above, there is an undistributed portion of which amounts to S$ 15.717 million (S$ 76.181 – S$ 67.764 + S$ 7.3), before retain for working capital use.

Rental reversion is at +0.4% for Singapore assets. No information disclosed on Australia assets.

Tenants sales for Clementi Mall, Westfield Marion and Figtree Grove have recovered to very close to pre-COVID times. Whereas for Paragon, its performance is affected by tourist arrivals.

Related Parties Shareholding