I previously signed up for Great Eastern GREAT205 in 2017 with my Supplementary Retirement Sum (‘SRS’) funds. As it was a 3-year endowment plan, I received the full maturity benefit of 106.33% (inclusive of Maturity Benefit, which is 100% of the single premium) when the policy reached maturity in late 2020. After that satisfactory experience, I remain on the hunt for investment solutions with similar risk-reward profile to put my idle SRS funds to better use. This led me to Great Eastern (‘GE’) GREAT SP Series 3 which was launched on 29 March 2021. Here is my review of GE 3-Year Online Endowment Plan: GREAT SP SERIES 3. What Is GREAT SP Series 3? Great Eastern, a member of the OCBC Group, is the oldest and most established life insurance group in Singapore and Malaysia. It has launched GREAT SP Series 3, an online, single premium non-participating plan with