Owning a car in Singapore is an exorbitant affair. After accounting for a Honda HR-V’s basic price and various inevitable expenses involved with car ownership (e.g. insurance and maintenance), you will need to be earning at least at least S$5,300 per month to afford life on four wheels comfortably. That’s S$766 more than the median gross monthly income of a typical employee in Singapore. Luckily, for those who find car ownership too much of a financial stretch, there is a cheaper alternative: motorbikes. S$20,000 is usually enough to buy a brand-new two-wheeler in Singapore. That said, a motorcycle’s initial purchasing price shouldn’t be your sole concern. A safer motorcycle – while more expensive in the short-term – can end up saving you more money in the long-term. The Percentage Of Fatalities In Motorcycle-Related Collisions Is Higher Than Car Accidents According to the Annual Vehicle Statistics 2020 published by the LTA,