If you’re stuck in a career rut and can’t seem to make any headway on growing your wealth– despite doing all the right things, there might be an ‘easy fix’ to your problems: Feng Shui (风水). Feng Shui is an ancient form of Chinese art that deciphers the relationship between individuals and the environment, plus how great surroundings can spur people to achieve greatness. Its underlying premise is simple: change your environment for the better, and you’ll find yourself changing for the better with it. And while this applies to all aspects of your life, this article will focus on helping you harness positive ‘chi’ for that much-needed boost in your career and wealth. Tip 1: Put Real, Miniature Plants On Your Working Table If your working space is near or backed into a corner, place a small miniature plant in front of your table to bring life force (i.e.