iFAST Corporation Ltd (SGX: AIY) is an online investment products distribution platform that provides a comprehensive range of investment products and services to both corporate clients and retail investors, including the consumer-facing product, FSMOne.

The fintech company released its annual report for the financial year ended 31 December 2020 (FY2020) recently. I learnt a few things as I read through the Chairman’s message, one of the many sections in the annual report. Here are five quick takeaways from it. Source: LikeGIF 1. Rapid Digitalisation in 2020 Helped iFAST Lim Chung Chun, iFAST’s chairman and chief executive, started off by saying that the COVID-19 pandemic brought about an accelerated pace of digitalisation for the overall wealth management industry. And this greater digitalisation helped iFAST’s business. In 2020, iFAST’s net inflows of client assets more than tripled, from S$976 million the previous year to S$3.2 billion. With that, the