For those of you who prefer to outsource their wealth-building to robo-advisors (like Syfe), would you prefer to be stuck with a limited handful of investment portfolios to choose from, or do you prefer to have a wider variety?  If you answered the latter, then you may want to check out Syfe and their latest offering, the Core portfolio(s) with 3 portfolio options for you to choose from: Defensive, Balanced, or Growth. Designed to be your core portfolio (read this for the core-satellite strategy I’ve talked about previously), it will also provide exposure to the world’s second-largest market (China) and the rapidly-growing technology industry in today’s digital revolution. What you’ll get is thus a portfolio with holdings of stocks, bonds and gold across 23 globally diversified markets and over 3,500 companies.

What is in the Core portfolio(s)?

Each portfolio consists of 18 ETFs across stocks, bonds and gold