Cash is Trash, Particularly SGD
By Got Money, Got Honey!  •  April 7, 2021
I read this post by FYI on Syfe Cash+ and others. I've also recently seen other bloggers post about the different savings accounts and fixed deposits-esque products around the local market. It is absolutely depressing AF.
Over-collateralized crypto USD lending is between 4-11% on Compound. Over-collateralized crypto USD lending is between 5-23% on Aave. Non-DeFi, regulated custodial lenders are offering 10.5%, like Celsius.
There's so many more options too, from higher risk yield aggregators to yield farming, but if you cannot even grasp this absolutely rudimentary idea of overcollateralized lending, those concepts will unfortunately be outside of your IQ grade.
Imagine investing in dividend stonks, or REITs, or even worse, buying a condo to collect 2% net rent. Actually it might be better to compare to short duration bond funds or money market funds, since possible downside risks are somewhat similar. Doesn't really matter...
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By Got Money, Got Honey!
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