Over the past year, the average price for the public housing market increased 4.8%, an increase from the 0.1% rise experienced in 2019. Even with the pandemic restricting activity across a number of industries, the housing prices in Q4 2020 experienced the highest quarterly rise of this decade. The housing market is not going anywhere and we have some helpful tips and insight for anyone looking to buy or sell a property. Know Your Market In 2020, the housing market started with a slight dip in Q1, but rose by 2.2% during 2020 following. Earlier in the year, the country experienced a decline in prices in the central urban locations; however, there was an uptick in the outer areas where the real estate prices increased by 5.1% between February and July. During Q4 of 2020, residential property prices rose 2.1%. Again, although property prices rose in Q4 2020, central