If you’ve been following the financial adventures of folks like Budget Babe and The Woke Salaryman, you’d know that they managed to hit the milestone of saving $100,000 before turning 30. $100,000 is a daunting figure, but you don’t have to chiong to reach that target. As with any goal, it’s more sustainable to work your way up by taking small, steady steps. So why not first set yourself the target of saving an extra $10,000 (or more if you can) this year?  Inspired? We share five realistic ways you can add an extra $10,000 to your net worth.  Save $500 / month: Save it before you spend it  If you find it hard to stick to a budget, the best way is to automate your savings. When your paycheck comes in each month, set up an automatic recurring transfer to divert at least $500 of it into a