Short Post.
Basically, Orbcomm got acquired at US$11.50 per share. I have written in this post before that I had purchase Orbcomm at US$3.820 in Oct 2020. 
Thus, the acquired share price is 301% above my initial purchase price!
One of the methods I did was compared all the telematics companies in the industry (as per the excel pic below), and see where each company is located.

Other than the number of geographical countries/regions that it is located, Orbcomm also stands out as one of the main companies/or the only company that has a dual service system where it has satellite and cellular system. 
This allowed them to be a leader in tracking vessels in the marine sector as cellular does not work well in sea water. In short, my opinion is that analysing the Qualitative information is as important as analysing the Quantitative