You’ve probably heard it before: eating healthy can boost your immune system and prevent disease. However, when it’s time to go grocery shopping, it’s often cheaper and more convenient to get foods high in calories and low in nutrition. While prioritising cheap snacks may be financially prudent in the short-term, high-calorie, easy-to-eat diets may lead to expensive health problems in the long-term. Luckily, healthy foods aren’t always expensive, even ones that have been proven to improve your health. To help you find out the cheapest foods that will boost your immune system, we’ve listed great, affordable sources of vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, and probiotics. For Affordable Vitamin Sources, Consider Buying Berries Studies have shown that the absence of vitamins could leave you prone to diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and osteoporosis. But how are you meant to take in the nearly 30 essential micronutrients needed to maintain