Many times when we talk about FI or early retirement, it’s always about the numbers.
$500k x 5% = $25k per year and that’s good enough… yada yada yada…

I mean… it’s like… when people haven’t gotten FI or RE, that’s the first and main issue, and that’s understandable.
And most of the time, a lot of people stay at this stage and don’t progress to FI or RE, for whatever reason, like they have children, they get used to the lifestyle, or they feel insecure at leaving their jobs even if they are already FI. That’s fine.

And there’s so much focus on the front part, that the back challenges are largely, ignored or under estimated.
Which is understandable, cos… haven’t cross the first issue, why would people bother about the next issue.
It’s like haven’t find a girlfriend, why even talk about the cost of having a kid.

So today, I’ll talk a bit on