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Dear readers,

Thank you for coming here!

I finished the long Chinese novel at 3:17am today, with ~160 hours of reading time.

It is a really good novel. (I would say it is one of the best I have read, but I have read very limited number of novels. So I will settle with “very good”)

Having no time for a comprehensive review and just by closing my eyes, I could gather that I had gained in below 4 areas.

  1. Mindset
  2. People interactions
  3. Management
  4. New knowledge

Allow me to briefly elaborate.

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  1. Capabilities are the basis and pre-requisite for everything
  2. Devil exists in the details. People who remain elegant after a long day of hard work says many things.
  3. There are no fairy tails. People’s behaviors are subject to many constraints and they are shaped by those constraints themselves.
  4. Taking initiatives always matters. Being lazy and passive ruins the most talent people.