Only 8% of pregnancies end up with complications, which is good news for mothers who are worried about potential prenatal complications and emergencies. However, how can the 8% who will experience an unexpected medical condition during their pregnancy manage their treatment affordably? We break down the cost of 4 common pregnancy conditions and the cost of treatment so you and your partner can budget accordingly. 1. Placenta Previa Placenta Previa is a condition that occurs when a baby’s placenta covers the mother’s cervix, potentially causing severe bleeding during labour. While the complications associated with placenta previa worrying, the complication is rather rare, with roughly 1 in 200 women developing the condition. Furthermore, in almost 90% of cases, the placenta returns to its normal position before you are due to give birth. That said, your risk of placenta previa is higher if you smoke, use cocaine, are over 35 years of