Prenatal care in Singapore is expensive. In fact, the average cost of pregnancy before you factor in your MediSave is S$6,393 for the full nine-month period. A primary expense is the doctor’s bills from your checkups, which can be as much as S$1,100 from a public hospital and 58% more if you use a private clinic. To help you save on your doctor’s appointments, we’ve listed ways to reduce costs below. Book a Prenatal Care Package Where Possible One thing you can do to save on your prenatal doctor appointments is to use a prenatal care package. Depending on your gynecologist, these packages can cost S$1,500-S$2,000, and include ultrasounds, testing and regular checkups. To save money, consider using a public hospital or clinic, as private clinics are a bit more expensive. For instance, private clinics have a benchmark of S$480-S$950 for an ultrasound. However, private clinics usually offer specialty resources