Broker Wars are heating up! It started with the entry of Tiger Brokers, then Moomoo, and now Saxo has joined in the fray with commission free trading for US stocks. Promo Details: Commission free trading for US stocks The full terms and conditions are here, but to sum up: Applies to all new customers who sign up after 19 April 2021Zero fees on all US equities and US ETFs, from 19 April to 3 September (normal fees are USD 4 per trade) Zero commission trading is always great, so if you’re in the market for a new broker, Saxo is well worth looking at. Don’t forget to use the referral link at the end of this post for additional welcome bonuses (details below). How does Saxo compare vs the other brokers on the market (Tiger and Moomoo)? A lot of you have asked about how Saxo compares with the other