My first NFT!
By Value Warrior  •  April 25, 2021
It has been awhile since I last posted. I was getting busy recently with the new house as well as more time spent in office for work. I guess I will be posting less frequently for awhile but hope that I can provide some updates now and then. Ok, back to the topic, I got my first NFT! NFT stands for Non fungible Token and has been one of the hype in this Crypto bull cycle. You can find out more about NFT here. As you would have guessed, I didn't pay millions for it. Though I wish I have the money to even think of doing that…..  I actually got this NFT for Free! Yes…. there are plenty of freebies in the crypto world. Lots of airdrop, essentially free tokens, just sent to your wallet address from projects and this NFT was an airdrop from NFT to my NFT account....
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By Value Warrior
A regular working Joe starting out his value investing journey. I started my investment journey late at the age of 34. Looking back i wish i had started earlier so that power of compounding can work its magic. Nevertheless a good time to start investing is always NOW!!! So here i am having started this journey, i planned to reach Financial independence at age 65. Wish me luck.

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