Do you still remember your first full-time job?

I know I do.

Competition has always been fierce when it comes to job hunting.

Especially when your peers are graduating with first-class honours, have 6 internship experiences, and hold 5 leadership titles.

Source: Buzzfeed

And then there’s me, an idiot sandwich.

In today’s COVID-19 environment, the job-hunting competition has become more intense, with 69.8% of graduates getting employed full-time in 2020, as compared to 90.7% in 2019.

A recent Singapore’s 100 Leading Graduate Employers survey has been done by GTI Media Singapore, which showcases the top employers that graduates would choose to work for after graduation.

This survey also revealed their ideal job preferences, which include ideal working hourssalary ranges etc.

A total of 13,989 responses were gathered from students and fresh graduates from local universities.

Feeling lost in your career? You’re not alone!

Top Employers Ranked by Students and Graduates 2021