Right now SBS Transit (S61/ SBVV.SI) share price is at SGD$3.150

At this price, SBS Transit is valued at price-to-book ratio of 1.67 and a trailing distribution yield of 2%

With the current valuation, would I invest in it?

Let’s go through it using my 7 steps guide and see how I pick the Best Singapore Dividend Stocks.

SBS Transit (S61) 1 Year Chart

(1) Half Yearly Results

(2) Annual Result Date

As a quick recap, here are the 7 steps I use to pick the best Singapore Dividend Stocks.

  1. Debt to Equity Ratio
  2. Dividend Yield
  3. Dividend payout ratio
  4. EPS Growth Rate
  5. Return of Equity (ROE)
  6. Price-to-Book Ratio
  7. MOAT

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SBS Transit is in the transportation sector.

Started in operation in 2003, it is a major a transport focus company operating in Singapore.