In something a lil more light hearted in this article, do you ever realise how many things we often buy and end up never using? In the end, it goes into the trash, gets sold off, donation drives, and dropped off at salvation army collection points where many of them end up overflowing, taking up entire car park spaces!

We donate and sell our unused stuff because one man’s ‘trash’ is another man’s treasure.

To commemorate Earth Day (which was a few days ago) and to do our part in supporting environmental protection, we acknowledge that a sustainable mindset goes hand in hand with good financial habits. It also has been almost a year since since our last article HERE on cost saving and environmentally friendly tips. So we hope to shed some light on another topic today – SECOND-HAND ITEMS!

Do Second-Hand Items Disgust You?

Recently, a friend of mine wanted to learn how to rollerblade