We have updated our best secondary school ranking list based on the 2021 intake (which is the 2020 PSLE cohort). This is also the first time that achievement level scores are used in the ranking.

MOE has released indicative PSLE score ranges “based on the 2020 cohort’s results and school choice patterns”.

“The indicative scores are the scores of the first and last student who would be admitted into each school under the new scoring system, based on the 2020 cohort’s results and school choice patterns. The PSLE score of the last student is referred to as the school’s cut-off point.”

To derive the ranking, we use the above-mentioned indicative PSLE score ranges, along with the schools’ previous T-Score cut-offs.

If 2 schools have the same achievement level cut-off score (or cut-off point), we further rank them by the lowest indicative score they accept, and then by their last PSLE T-score cut-off points (for 2020 intake).