Since your home will be your most expensive purchase, a proper financial plan will be imperative when it comes time to buy your first flat. But with real estate prices on the rise, it may seem like it can be difficult to keep pace even with stringent savings. Luckily, Singapore’s HDB flats provide opportunities for even low-income families to own their homes thanks to subsidies and grants offered by the government. With 80% of Singaporeans opting for HDB flats, it’s clear that these types of flats are popular and have helped in Singapore’s enviable home ownership rates. So how much do these flats cost and how can you save on your HDB flat purchase? We explore below. HDB Prices Have Been Steadily Increasing Over the past 10 years, HDB resale prices have been steadily increasing, with peak pricing occurring in 2013. Since then, prices started dropping until 2020, where we