Around a year ago, I wrote this post about my decision to lease a Toyota Camry in Houston.

So… leasing a car is pretty much renting the car with an option to purchase a the end of the period. My lease was for 2 years.
However, there were some unforeseen issues.
When we got the Camry, it was around 2 months into our stay in Houston.
My wife’s contract in the US is for 2 years. Furthermore, we are planning/hoping to go back to SG in Dec 2021.
The lease contract ends in March 2022.
I’m contractually obligated to complete my lease regardless.
I was paying US$359.99 per month to lease the Camry.
If I leave in Dec, I would have to pay another 3 months worth of lease which I would not be utilizing.
Furthermore, there is also a “listing” fee of US$350 which the leasing company imposes for returning the vehicle. It’s for their “effort” to sell the