Some think that the max pain scenario is for the crypto “lucky” / “arrogant” like myself to get rekt and have their networths plunge -80% after this irrational crypto bull run is over. “To teach them a lesson in what REAL proper investing is”, so to speak. And we will realize that crypto was all just a scam. And we will go back to buy stonks that pay out dividends, And buy an OCR condo and play landlord to collect rent, And then can F.I.R.E. the “proper” way. Living the “correct” Singaporean dream. Buy whole life insurnace. Buy unit trusts. No Starbucks. Caipng only. 1M65. Lol.
But perhaps, the max pain scenario is the opposite?
The max pain scenario is crypto grinding up, while the crypto “lucky” continue to get scammed even deeper into being ultra rich, while everyone one else watching is having mega a lot of fun.