Baby Ong fell sick for the first time last month :'( We woke up and realized she was having difficulty breathing through the nose and was taking big breath using her mouth instead. We applied for half day leave and took her down to the nearest PD and fortunately, it was nothing too serious. She was just having a blocked nose due to too much mucus/phlegm. We are hoping that it wouldn’t happen to her again but we know it is just wishful thinking considering she’s being placed in infant care. Oh well, fingers crossed.

On a side note, CZM raised an audit finding on how I am tracking our portfolio, particularly on how I am under-reporting our crypto investment. lol. In my defence, I told her that the US$30k I borrowed from the bank and deposited into Celsius Network are considered as cash management and I don’t track cash over here. Needless to say, I lost the argument after all stablecoins are still considered as crypto.