I love new cards, and it seems to have been a while since the last one was released. This morning saw UOB announcing the UOB Absolute Cashback Card. Releasing a cashback card over a mile card during a pandemic when nearly all flights are grounded isn’t the most surprising thing, but what raises a few eyebrows would be UOB’s bold declaration of having no exclusions.

Card features

Provider UOB (Amex)
Type Unconditional Cashback
Earn Rate 1.7%
Conditions None
Limits None
Tracking Transactions posted in statement month
Apply Here (you may want to wait and stay tuned for additional promos)

This card is as simple as it gets: get 1.7% cashback on transactions charged to the card as long as it is not a NETS transaction. UOB even helpfully states some categories of spend that are typically excluded by other cards, such as insurance, school fees, healthcare… and most importantly: wallet top-ups.