Between nappy changes, school pick-ups and sleepless nights, being a mom has its challenges. It can be easy for moms to forget to make time for themselves, let along their financial well-being. In honour of Mothers’ Day, we spoke with @ZoeRaymondTan, @TheChillMom and @ThatMomOfFour to find out how they balance motherhood, financial health, and their own personal goals. Zoe Raymond Tan You have two young children! How has motherhood been like for you? My older child, Arielle is 3 and she is in Nursery 1. She is at an age where she portrays independent thinking, so a lot of I want to do this myself at the moment. My younger child, Aaron is 1. He doesn’t sleep well every night, he still needs MOTN (middle of the night) feeds and often wakes up as early as 5am to play! You can’t get mad at him because he would flash