I was going to blog more on Aave after my previous article but I decided this update should take priority although it is less interesting as compared to DeFi. I have decided to close the Syfe REIT+ account too after closing the Equity100 a few months back.

Don’t be mistaken, I still like the REIT+ portfolio like what I have blogged about previously here. Let me just share/quote myself here:

After using Syfe for slightly more than 8 months, I really like their REIT+ 100% portfolio. Like I mentioned previously, I am pleased with the way they are handling the corporate actions. They are definitely more transparent as compared to a REIT ETF where you will be able to see all the corporate actions such as mergers, rights issues, etc. in your transactions. The monthly DCA ensure that I will always invest my money by taking my emotion out of the picture.