There’s long been this debate of whether ETH will ever flip (or take over) BTC’s market cap. Proponents of each will vehemently defend their positions, so here I am with my noob prediction that yes, over time, probably even pretty soon (within 2 years), we may see ETH overtaking BTC to become the #1 cryptocurrency in terms of market cap. From my perspective, use-cases bring value, and currently (and even in the future), ETH is simply designed for unlimited use-cases, whereas BTC’s use-case has ever only been to be a good hard asset and store of value. And that’s fine as it is. They are two very different animals that are often compared side by side simply because they are both born from the blockchain. But we’ll see they are as different as can be. It’s like comparing the market cap of Gold (USD10T) vs the market cap of the