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There is increased awareness on the importance of having our own private hospitalisation insurance as it helps to supplement MediShield Life, a basic national healthcare insurance plan. However, not many are aware how each component interacts with each other. Furthermore, a recent change by private insurers includes the introduction of the Claims-Adjusted Pricing (‘CAP’) framework. This was probably in response to policyholders’ requests that less premiums should be paid for those who consume less healthcare services so that healthcare costs can be kept affordable for all stakeholders. Indeed, Great Eastern is one of the few insurers who has incorporated such framework into its suite of hospitalisation insurance plans. Let us find out the wide range of plan types offered by Great Eastern to suit your hospitalisation needs and how the newly introduced CAP framework rewards policyholders for leading a healthier lifestyle.


GREAT SupremeHealth (‘GSH’) is a MediSave-approved Integrated Shield plan that covers