Transfer CPF Money from Ordinary to Medisave Account
By Investment Stab  •  May 30, 2021

Correction: we made a mistake in our earlier article, and we have thus made the edits. We like to thank our readers for pointing out to us when we make mistake in our research.
Today's topic was suggested by one of our readers. If you got any questions/topics you would like us to talk about, let us know via the comments below or via this form.

You asked us what are some of the pros and cons of transferring money from your CPF Ordinary Account (OA) to your CPF Medisave Account (MA). Here is the result of our research.

Background If would like to know what is your Medisave Account for, click HERE. But, long story short: Source: CPF
You can use it to pay for your medical bills, family members' medical bills, as well as pay for medical...
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By Investment Stab
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