‘Singapore is soooo boring!’ The sound of a broken recorder many Singaporeans are oh-so familiar with. The many times you have heard of this resounding bemoan from your friends, family, and most possibly yourself.

Recently, I came across a brilliant ad ‘Singapore isn’t boring. You are‘ by The Secret Little Agency (TSLA) on a ComfortDelgro Taxi promoting their Zig app.  I assure you guys there is NO sponsorship or collaboration involved here but just something interesting that sparked some thoughts.

The Zig app recommends a collection of activities and destinations to experience in Singapore, uncover discounts on your taxi ride, all while travelling with ComfortDelgro Taxi! The Zig app also allows you to choose a metered price or fixed price during booking!

Other copies of the ad were “Maybe you’re just boring to find new experiences”, “Don’t blame weekdays for you being boring”, and “Singapore isn’t too small, you’re just boring.” Do you all agree with these statements?