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Alternate Income: May 2021
By SG Financial Independent Dad  •  June 4, 2021
Wow, May has already ended and we are halfway into 2021. Time really passes quickly and everyday, the situation around the world is constantly evolving. We went back in Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) and I sincerely hope that everyone has been doing fine and staying safe. I got my vaccination jabs done in May and even though I experienced some side effects, I think it is definitely better than the alternative. Now we can only hope that the situation improves here in Singapore and we return back to the new normal, sooner rather than later. In other less serious news. football season is over and now we have to content with the long wait until EPL starts again in August. Luckily, we should have some Euros action to tide us over. I just hope that all these international sporting events do not become a catalyst for the next wave of the pandemic...
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By SG Financial Independent Dad
Hi there! I am Ng! I am 28 this year and aim to build up my portfolio. My motivation as a young dad in Singapore is to provide a better life for my family while planning for retirement.

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