The original version of this article first appeared in The Business Times

It has been 23 days since the first confirmed case in my household, 14 days since I moved into the hospital with my children ages 2 and 4, and 13 days since I tested positive for COVID-19.

Experiencing COVID-19 in Singapore

It spreads like wildfire. This virus is smart and is getting more contagious. With limited contact, I literally saw the virus jump from person to person in my household, with each person developing symptoms two days apart and being taken down and out to the hospitals like clockwork.

Symptoms vary widely – my 2 year old was unwell for maybe five hours, and others developed pneumonia and a fever for two weeks. Perhaps the strangest of all symptoms is the loss of smell and taste. When people told me about this I always thought, “well…that does not sound too bad,” but I did not realise that it was 100% sensory deprivation. I