If you have been stalking my Seedly comments or my Reddit comments (if you know my username hehe), then you might have seen my talking about Digital Turbine, or better known as APPS, at one point.

APPS is one of my largest positions in my portfolio, after loading up quite a bit during the tech dip this year.

But what really is Digital Turbine and what do they do?

Digital Turbine’s Business

When I first heard of Digital Turbine, I won’t lie, I thought it was a manufacturing company. Like y’know, one of those companies that made wind turbines to generate energy. So, initially I was like, manufacturing? Nah, not my type of company. That was when it was trading between USD10 – 13.

The second time I heard about it was in the same breath as The Trade Desk, Roku and Magnite. If you’re not familiar with these companies, these are all essentially in the advertising industry, specifically digital advertising.