It’s been close to a month since the release of the New UOB Absolute card and the refresh UOB EVOL (previously YOLO) card. If you haven’t own either of these cards or any UOB cards per se, this will be a good chance to find out more about these cards, their benefits and whether they deserve a spot in your wallet!

UOB Absolute – 1.7% Cashback, No Minimum Spend

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With the introduction of the UOB Absolute Cashback card, the no-minimum spend cashback credit cards scene have now become much more competitive with this card currently leading the pack! Here are the current similar cards comparison below.

You can clearly see the winner here. As of this date of article, the UOB Absolute card claims the top spot in its no-minimum spend, unlimited cashback with its impressive 1.7% cashback. If you are someone who have been constantly using no-minimum spend cashback cards (