I made 44% gain in one day!
By Life is a journey  •  June 10, 2021
Photo by Alain Pham on Unsplash Dear Readers, Thank you for coming here! I was working on a more serious entry regarding investment. But I had to stop to take care of some urgent work issues. And I lost the train of thoughts. I made a few tries but I did not managed to get it back. So I decided to continue some other day, maybe during weekend. You will see it next week, I promise. So for today, let me share with you one trade I made the day before yesterday. Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash AHT I heard it from a friend that this stock could soar. I did a little research and decided that this stock is not priced high now and with Covid situation getting better, it has the upside. So I went in with the plan to hold it...
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By Life is a journey
A white-collar and a father of 2, who would like to share his journey to Financial Freedom for both his own record keeping and hopefully inspiration for others on the same journey.

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