No.  Counters No. of Shares Market Price (SGD) Total Value (SGD) based on market price Allocation % Category
1. Alibaba        300 US$213      84,350.00 23.0% Growth
2. Lendlease Reit   85,000 S$0.79      67,150.00 17.0% Dividend
3. JD        300 US$72.7      29,000.00 8.0% Growth
4. Ping An      2000 HK$81.3      28,400.00 8.0% Matured
5. Huya     1,000 US$16.2      21,380.00 6.0% Growth
6. AMD        100 US$80      10,500.00 3.0% Growth
7. ISHARESHSTECH     1,200 HK$16.70        3,500.00 1.0% Growth
8. Ho Bee Land        300 S$2.40           720.00 1.0% Leftover
9. Options / Cash           –     135,500.00 35.0% Options Premium
Total          380,500.00 100% 100%

I am going to do an earlier update for the June portfolio this month as I will be busier in the later parts of the month.

We have seen a good rebound in the overall market in the early part of June after a rather turbulence month of May where we saw a couple of overbought companies falling from its peak.

Some of the companies in my portfolio also rebounded with the overall market while there are still a lot of laggards play inside the portfolio which might need some good amount of patience.

The jobs report for the month of Jun (one of the three critical reports that always spooked the market) looks decent enough,