What do some of the top interior design trends like Japandi, Grandmillennial and Art Deco have in common? Besides being increasingly popular year after year, they rely on a healthy dose of carefully curated vintage and antique items. Whether it’s an antique vessel to hold your perfectly imperfect branches in your Japandi home or an elaborate vintage dresser to match your brightly wallpapered Grandmillennial living room, antique and vintage furniture is key to creating an authentic version of these trends. However, with antiques and vintage furniture often costing hundreds or thousands of dollars, it may be difficult to narrow down where to find authentic yet budget-friendly deals. To help you be a smarter shopper, we split out the best antique and vintage furniture stores based on your budget. Budget-Friendly Deals at Ebay, Etsy & Flea Markets Ebay & Etsy are two of the best options for antique and vintage shoppers