Cluster housing is a bit of an unusual property choice that most wouldn’t think about immediately. A lot of Singaporeans are inclined to ask “Why not just a fully landed home?” After all, cluster homes aren’t exactly cheap – and investors are wary of resale difficulties. Regardless, we shouldn’t be too dismissive of this segment of private housing. For some family members, cluster housing fills a much ignored niche:

What is cluster housing?

Cluster housing refers to detached homes, which are strata titled. We have a more detailed explanation in this earlier article.

Like a condo development, cluster housing projects have common facilities such as pools, gyms, and so forth. Cluster housing is strata titles, so an MCST is involved, and there are maintenance fees. It’s almost similar to a condo in every way, except with houses instead of apartments.

As we’re often asked the difference between cluster housing and “true” landed properties, here’s what you need to know: