I believe you would already have heard of Hodlnaut. Hodlnaut is a platform that provides financial services for individual investors like you and me where we can deposit our cryptocurrencies and earn interest on our cryptocurrencies by lending it to corporate borrowers.

Until today, I still have problems pronouncing the word “Hodlnaut“. Why would the founders come up with such a geeky name?

Well, according to them, Hodlnaut is a combination of HODL and Astronaut! Hodl is common slang in the cryptocurrency community, where it depicts an act of holding the cryptocurrency rather than selling it.

I am not going to compare the differences between Hodlnaut, BlockFi, Celsius and Nexo as Seedly has written an excellent article to compare the differences and you can read up more there. The only difference I want to call out here is that Hodlnaut is a Singaporean company.