How Does Littering Waste Resources? Littering is a big problem everywhere in the world. It is the action of improper disposal of waste products. Littering can occur on purpose or unintentionally but it will affect the environment and waste resources regardless. Littering causes pollution, kills wildlife and also facilitates the spread of disease. In this blog post, we will look at littering, how it wastes resources and any potential solutions to solve this problem. Littering In Singapore There are some people that throw trash anywhere they like. In a year-long study done by NEA, we have the following statistics from a survey.

Source: Figure 1 Of Towards A Cleaner Singapore

62.6% of respondents say that they do not litter. 36.2% of respondents admit it is bad but still litter due to convenience or if they do not expect to be caught. The remaining 1.2% admits that they litter most