It has been five weeks since the country was under Phase 2 Heightened Alert. Drawing from the experience of last year’s circuit breaker, we have established a routine at home. The kids are thrilled to be on home-based learning. Growing children are always hungry. With no dining out, every day I will prepare home-cooked meals for lunch and dinner. In between, we make some healthy snacks together. Coupled with workouts every morning and evening, I am on target to be back in my best shape like during the circuit breaker.
Retail scene under Phase 2 Heightened Alert On a weekday, I decided to give the kids a surprise with a takeaway lunch from a shopping mall 20 minutes’ drive away. Lately, many malls offered 30-minute or 1st-hour free parking for the convenience of takeaway and food delivery service. Most of the shops were still opened. In the middle of Great