My Telegram group members brought to my attention two seperate articles about younger adults in the United States quitting their jobs in the United States.

A lot was said but it is quite interesting to review and reflect upon their reasons for doing so or their frame of mind.

They are burned out

Sarah Lynch worked for 5 years in Coursera, which boomed during the pandemic as virtual learning becomes important.

“I love my company, and I love my work, but I couldn’t keep pushing on through,” Lynch said. “I didn’t have really any energy, I didn’t really enjoy what I was doing anymore, I couldn’t really focus.”

“You might think, ‘Oh, these are millennials who don’t want to work as much,’ but a lot of people I talk to are people near retirement, saying they could work another 10 years at 30 hours, but not 40.”

Financially, they are Comfortable to Quit