Just a few evenings ago, my wife [K] and I visited an aesthetic clinic [S] for her regular post-surgery consultation for Ptosis. It has been about six months (November 2020) since her ptosis surgery in Singapore. Over the span of this half a year, we have probably visited [S] over a dozen times. In the beginning, post-op consultations were frequent and we had to make a trip every couple of days. Later on, weekly and then bi-weekly. From having to attend monthly consultation, we have since “graduated” and would only need a subsequent consultation next in August. As with many medical conditions, things usually don’t happen overnight. This makes it very difficult to detect any anomaly, even for the affected persons themselves and their family members. Tired-looking ‘Zoom’ eyes What exactly did we visit the aesthetic clinic [S] for? To take one step back, I recently chanced upon this