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Landlease Global Commercial REIT: will its price breakout to the upside?
By Dr Wealth  •  June 24, 2021
Having listed just last year, Lendlease fell by more than 50% during the March 2020 crash and is presently trading at a crucial $0.80 point. This is a key resistance zone for the REIT as it has been tested by traders almost 5 times in the past 6 months. With the dine-in restrictions being ‘lifted’ on Monday, we could experience a temporary relief as mall traffic increases in the coming days. As a trader at heart, I’ll be focusing on the technicals of this REIT as well as its future growth potential given its extremely small portfolio of properties in Singapore in this article. Trying to learn how to invest in REITs? Download your FREE REITs investing guide and start creating your passive dividend income today Lendlease Global Commercial REIT (SGX : JYEU) – what do they do? Most REITS in Singapore would fall within one or more of the following categories,
  • Retail – Malls
  • Office – Office Space
  • Residential – Home
  • Hospitality – Hotel (Hospitality is NOT HOSPITAL!)
  • Industrial – Manufacturing
  • Healthcare – Hospital, Elder Care etc.
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By Dr Wealth
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