Stock Transactions Dec 2020

Adding more Square

I left my job

IPOs I’m buying

Missing the Boat

I’m thinking of selling

I’m splitting up the unlocking of my Dec 2020 premium articles cause I wrote a lot during that period. I don’t think many people can read 10 or more articles in one go.

There was a lot to talk about with new IPOs coming out and the stock market reaching new highs. Instinctively I pulled back and became defensive by curbing my purchases and selling some positions. It was a good idea looking back now. I had ammo during the subsequent crash in growth stocks in the next few months, and continued picking up my favorite stocks.

While I was initially interested in the new IPOs of Airbnb and C3.AI, I was horrified by how they were pumped in the first day of IPO. Decided not to play that game, and I’m glad I didn’t. Airbnb is still close to its IPO price, while C3.AI is down about 50% from its highs.