Some folks have protested that I am duplicitous when it comes to degrees.

Diploma holders of my generation do fairly well and many end up in senior management. However, for Millenials and Gen Z, I take a dim view of folks who proudly proclaim to drop out from an academic program. Life choices aside, they have no idea how much they damage their personal brands because only the most privileged folks can survive not having a degree.

Population census 2020 explains this in greater detail. I was able to calculate the percentage of degree holders based on different generations of Singaporeans.

If you examine my cohort ages 45-49, only 41% had degrees. Mathematically, you can live your life without a degree and yet signal above-median level intelligence and conscientiousness.

If you examine the batch 10 years younger now aged 35-39, 54% have degrees. The reverse is now true concerning non-degree holders,